Technology at Pollen

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We see technology as a lever to enable the rest of the company to succeed, elevating work and making everyone more impactful.

Whether we’re giving context to help make key decisions through data and internal systems, improving user experience (reducing customer complaints) or designing better journeys through the product (increasing marketing conversion) – we’re one team aiming for the same goal.

Endless possibilities

We work closely with other functions within the business to use technology to address the challenges that they are facing and enable the opportunities open to them. We deploy multiple times a day, continually iterating and improving our product. We are able to move incredibly quickly and leverage continuous delivery to support the business.

Explore our tech stack

Our front-end engineers use React, React Native and Next.js to build applications that delight our customers. We tend to favour a more functional style of programming and adoption of TypeScript has been growing among our teams.

We leverage Python & Django to build our back-end services and deploy them to AWS. Our back-end engineers favour a Domain Driven Design approach to building new services.

We’re advocates for GraphQL and have been using the technology to connect our services since the formation of our platform. We use Apollo Federation to connect our various backend services into the gateway.

Our data stack is very modern, and we use Snowflake, dbt, Stitch, Fivetran, and Airflow to power our Looker layer. We use Segment and other message-based approaches to keep things flowing between services.